NSV live performance

rare live appearance by NSV.

Null Static Void will be appearing at Muchmores in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Sunday Oct 1st. oct 1st 9pm

next up

Throwing a fancy party to celebrate the completion of another viddy. Everyone is invited.


Working on adding payments. Anyone interested in paying with Ethereum, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrenncy? Paypal is still a thing. So that is the low hanging fruit. But bitcoin allows us to get modafinil and Russian army surplus.

pointless striving

Well, the world is a dumpster fire. I can say this as a person who has lit some dumpsters on fire. Seems pointless and a bit selfish to continue to push creative projects along. But at the same time what are we to do. Work and go home?

Tape or CD?

Noticing a lot of other small labels are releasing on cassette. The easy thing is of course to produce CD-R. However the optical disc format seems to be less and less common. Perhaps we will skip over the obsolete formats and go straight for SDcard.

Recent debut of...

the immanent chart topper 'Anti-Trump' and paranoia inducer 'Groom Lake'. Completely hip, nowsound and youthful due to the inclusion of IP addressable stem cell technology. These tracks are guaranteed to lengthen your telomeres. Video for Groom Lake is already in public circulation. Anti-Trump soon to follow.

We are no longer

going to be just putting out stuff to put it out. We will sell no wine, until it's time. Except not wine, and uh, we aren't getting paid shit to do this shit. finished screen shot But the sentiment, the sentiment she holds true.

Just about done

with a new NSV music video. The result should be quite good. We are very proud of this work. We are combining a sludgy older track of NSV which was discovered on a forgotten hard drive. The footage is foraged from the infamous Cruz superPac provided video.


frame grab

New NSV tracks

for 2016 are currently in the final mix stage. Soon to be posted on Soundcloud, Youtube and of course nsv.doctorruss.com.