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Audio Orientation

Our production audio recordings strive to represent the most faithful electrical reproduction of the original event, as it occurred in the studio. To this end we do not use volume normalizers, brickwall limiters, bass maximizers or other such Hollywood trickery. The headspace we maintain throughout our production chain is preserved in our delivery mediums. For we intend to present the compositions to you as the artist intended them to be heard. With transient detail, dynamics and the full range of emotion intact. Not pumped up to compete with the pop factory products. The effort we make in this regard bears fruit in a greater sense of space, air and presence evident in our productions. You will also find that bass is more percussive, rhythms are punchier and various instruments remain distinct and separate instead of being smeared together. All we ask in return is that you adjust the volume level of your playback system to a slightly higher level. This will insure that you enjoy the full range of the experience. -AnsMachProd


Bin labels

Don't come to us with preconceived notions of genre or label specificity. The primary generators of our content provide us with works. We package them. You listen to them. Sorting them into palatable categories for consumer identification is an extra step. You found us. That is enough.

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