Neo-fascist and Neo-liberal Contingencies

Recent debut of...

the immanent chart topper 'Anti-Trump' and paranoia inducer 'Groom Lake'. Completely hip, nowsound and youthful due to the inclusion of IP addressable stem cell technology. These tracks are guaranteed to lengthen your telomeres. Video for Groom Lake is already in public circulation. Anti-Trump soon to follow.

Had to take about...

the last half year off to take care of an ailing relative. We have continued to work on fine entertainment products for our discerning audience. All 8 of you. working footage screen shot The music video production has slowed down a bit. However this is due to a more thorough hands on approach.

We are no longer

going to be just putting out stuff to put it out. We will sell no wine, until it's time. Except not wine, and uh, we aren't getting paid shit to do this shit. finished screen shot But the sentiment, the sentiment she holds true.

Just about done

with a new NSV music video. The result should be quite good. We are very proud of this work. We are combining a sludgy older track of NSV which was discovered on a forgotten hard drive. The footage is foraged from the infamous Cruz superPac provided video.


frame grab

New NSV tracks

for 2016 are currently in the final mix stage. Soon to be posted on Soundcloud, Youtube and of course